6 February 2016

Do it like the French


first picture from thecoveteur.com
others found on pinterest

I've become a tad bit obsessed with Caroline de Maigret. The French beauty, who by the way is the granddaughter of a prince, is not only considered a Chanel muse but also a perfect example of someone in possession of that mysterious je ne sais quoi. The other day when I was supposed to be studying I spent nearly two hours going through every single article I could find about her. What can I say, French women are simply fascinating. I find their relaxed approach to fashion, food, wellbeing and life in general very inspiring. 

Rakastan ranskalaista kulttuuria. Olenkin viime päivinä lueskellut monen monta artikkelia Caroline de Maigretista. Kyseinen nainen, jota muuten pidetään Chanelin muusana, on erinomainen esimerkki tyypillisestä ranskattaresta; mysteerinen ja niin ihailtavan tyylikäs. Koen ranskalaisten huolettoman suhtautumisen muotiin, hyvinvointiin, ruokaan ja elämään yleisestikin todella inspiroivana. 

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